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headspace IT systems (Systems) are provided for business use.  Your use of the Systems is subject to the following conditions:
1.                You must not disclose your password to anyone. 
2.                You must lock your computer when you are away from it.
3.                You are deemed to be responsible for any activity on this computer while you are logged in.
4.                You must not install or use any unauthorised software.
5.                You may store a limited amount of personal information in your Team Site or MySite.  However don't communicate or store non-business material (especially music, pictures or video) which infringe third-party intellectual property rights or which are offensive or illegal.
6.                headspace owns the intellectual property rights in all documents and communications created using its Systems.  headspace may monitor and record your use of the Systems and read all documents and communications stored on, received by or made using them (including your personal folder).
7.                headspace may block content in emails or filter websites that are considered inappropriate.